Privacy Policy

Global Democratic PAC (also known as Global Democrats) takes individual privacy seriously. We wish to ensure that our website meets all relevant legal and regulatory requirements. Our privacy policy is published on our public website, that is, on this page; and any changes made to our privacy policy are promptly reflected in the content of this page.

IP Addresses and Log File Data

The Global Democrats website does not automatically capture or store personal information other than logging the user's IP (Internet Protocol) address (each connection to the Internet has an IP address), or the location of your machine (e.g., computer, tablet, smart phone) or network on the Internet, for systems administration and troubleshooting purposes. In order to improve the website's quality, we may use IP addresses in the aggregate to track which pages people visit on our website.

Server logs include statistical information, such as visitors' IP addresses, type of operating systems, time and duration of visit, website pages requested, and identify categories of visitors by items such as domains and browser types. Our servers automatically log information about visits to our website in the normal course of establishing and maintaining Internet connections. These statistics are reported in the aggregate to our Internet and communications service provider, and are used to improve our website and ensure that it provides the optimal Internet experience for visitors.

We do not link server log information to any other data in a way that would enable us to identify individual visitors. However, we may review server logs for security purposes, for example, to detect intrusions into our network. In the event of a criminal investigation, server log data could be used to trace and identify individuals for prosecution.

Data Collection and Use

If you complete a form on this website you will be asked for personal information.

We may ask you for contact information (such as your name and e-mail address), geographic information (such as your postal address or postcode) and other details about you such as your state of last residence in the United States of America. This is used to help us provide you with information about registering to vote in U.S. elections and ensuring that you have received your voting materials and returned them. We may also use it to alert you of campaigns you may be interested in.

Personal information you submit on the Global Democrats website is stored on secure servers in the United States of America. By providing us with your personal information you agree to its transfer via the Internet to the United States of America and its processing and storage there.


A cookie is a small file that is held on your computer, tablet or phone. It holds no personally identifiable information, but does contain a randomly-generated ID, a time when the cookie file was created and the fact that it was created by the Global Democrats website (to distinguish it from 3rd party cookies). We use cookies to improve your experience of our website and the messages we send you – for example by personalising pages or prefilling forms.

Website Statistics

We use traffic analysis tools to analyse website traffic in order to help us continually improve the design, content and layout of pages on this website.


Our website is hosted on servers that are managed by Blue State Digital LLC, a third party service provider. Any personal information collected on our behalf by Blue State Digital such as server log data (see above), is managed in accordance with this privacy policy, and is protected by applicable law. All the information provided to us is stored securely once we receive it. Our website has security measures in place to protect against the loss, misuse or alteration of the information under our control. All personal information transmitted to and from the website uses SSL encryption. Check for a padlock in your address bar to ensure that information is being securely transmitted.

Links to Other Websites

Our website contains links to other websites and servers. Global Democrats is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of such websites.


We provide you the choice of opting-out of receiving communications from us. If you wish to unsubscribe, please complete this form.

Safe Harbor

Our website is hosted by Blue State Digital LLC.

Blue State Digital LLC is listed with the US Department of Commerce as complying with the European Commission’s Directive on Data Protection

Contacting Us About Privacy As Correcting Your Information

You have right of access to your personal information held on our files by written request to the data protection officer (address below).You may remove or change your details at any time.

If you have any questions about our privacy policy, the information we have collected from you online, the practices of this site or your interaction with this website, please contact us by clicking here.

Our Data Protection Officer can also be contacted at the following postal address:

  • Data Protection Officer
  • Global Democratic PAC
  • 700 13th Street NW
  • Washington, D.C. 20005-3960
  • United States of America

You should also contact the President at the same postal address if you wish to lodge a formal complaint about any matter covered by our privacy policy or by clicking here.

Sharing Your Information

We may share, within the limits of applicable law, your personal information with other organizations that independently support Democratic candidates for elective office at all levels of government in the United States of America.

If you do not wish us to share your personal information in this way, you may opt out by clicking here.