About Global Democrats

The Global Democratic PAC – or Global Democrats – is an independent expenditure-only “super PAC” created to harness the untapped electoral force of the approximately 5 million US civilian voters living overseas.

Voter turnout among US citizens abroad has been consistently low. For example, in 2008, fewer than 400,000 overseas absentee ballots were requested — and no more than 300,000 were returned and counted. In 2012, nationwide voter turnout stood at 58%, while estimated overseas turnout was lower than 6%.

In an age of razor-thin election margins, the untapped potential of US overseas voters can be a true game-changer for Democratic candidates in Federal races. More and more House and Senate seats are being decided by a relative handful of votes:

  • 2012: Rep. Mike McIntyre (D-North Carolina) wins by 654 votes.
  • 2010: Rep. Ben Chandler (D-Kentucky) is elected with a 647-vote mn.
  • 2009: Rep. Scott Murphy (D-New York) claims victory by 466 votes.
  • 2008: Sen. Al Franken (D-Minnesota) is seated by a margin of just 312 votes.

Imagine if Americans abroad could add thousands of new Democratic votes to House and Senate races across the country? The potential to swing these elections is out there, all over the world.

Help us bring home the overseas vote — one ballot at a time.